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Expectations and Student Supports

Expectations and Helpful Advice

Chicago Bulls College Prep is committed to providing the highest quality secondary education available.  In order for this to happen, we have created a few suggestions for student success:

  • Mind the basics.  Arrive on time every day with all required materials, follow school and classroom rules, and accept responsibility for behavior.
  • Embrace the arts, physical fitness, and other joys of the creative human experience.
  • Remember that anything worth doing is hard to do.
  • Homework preparation determines class quality.  The quality of your preparation will equal the ease with which you are able to learn new concepts in class.  Great preparation will also make you confident.
  • Do homework with your peers.  Collaboration and the opportunity to explain and receive feedback while learning something improves your understanding.
  • Get help from everyone.  Discussion Hall is open every day, and at least one teacher with your subject of interest will always be available for office hours.  Go see them.
  • There are no “how to” problems from the textbook here.  You will discover more about yourself and the world with conceptual understanding than you’ll ever get by following a series of steps.
  • Put yourself out there and do the right thing.  Others will defend you here.  It will help make you brave enough to repeat doing the right thing again.
  • Fear is paralysis.  Fear that everyone is smarter than you and that everyone will make fun of you when you’re wrong have paralyzed many people before you.  It doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong.  Your classmates will be supportive of you and tolerant of your questions.  If you have fear, chances are that someone else is fearful too.  They need your example to be confident.
  • You are loved and you will be told this often.

​Please reference the Student/Parent Handbook for guidelines and for definitive answers to policy questions that may arise during the application process and throughout the school year.

 Student Supports

Each CBCP student is part of an advisory, composed of an instructor and a small group of peers that meet at the beginning, middle, and end of every school day throughout all four years of high school.  The advisory program is designed to give students accountability and additional cultural education with their advisory peers.  The advisory teacher is a student’s primary contact for communicating with parents and making sure that students are on track for graduation.

Office Hours
All teachers hold office hours multiple times per week where students may receive additional help on homework.  Office hours are posted in advance and allow students to create a predictable schedule.  Office hours may be offered before or after school, but at least one teacher in every subject area is available every day.

Discussion Hall
Discussion Hall is a daily homework collaboration space where students can work and receive help from their peers.  This space is available after school and can seat up to 300 students.

Town Hall and Big Group Culture Sessions
Town Hall events give students an opportunity to come together as a school to celebrate accomplishments and special events. Whether meeting as an individual grade or as an entire school, students and instructors use this time to encourage the student body, pass along information, and celebrate results.

Student Leadership Groups
A number of student leadership groups exist on campus to benefit students and ensure their success.  These programs include Team Delta, Leadership Seminar, Bulls Ambassadors, National Honor Society, and Marine Corps JROTC.  Each program empowers students to provide self-directed support to their peers via structured philosophies and training.

Special Ops
Special Ops is an academic, cultural, and physical experience that the junior class completes together each spring across several weekends in preparation for the SAT.

College Seminar
College Seminar is a course designed to help seniors through the college application process.  Students learn how to make informed college choices, calculate finances, apply for financial aid, and prepare for independent living.  All seniors take College Seminar.

Social Services 
CBCP employs two full time social workers to provide students and families with appropriate social services.