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Physical Fitness

Along with school culture and academic rigor, our physical fitness program is one of the primary levers that makes CBCP unique. We believe that a healthy and fit lifestyle is required for people to realize their full potential. Fitness and good nutrition aren’t buzz words at CBCP. They are a way of life. Long work days, attention to detail, and great culture are only possible if we have the self-discipline to keep our bodies well-tuned.

CBCP has comprehensive fitness requirements and benchmarks that all students must meet each year prior to promotion. Being fit does not mean one has to be coordinated, athletic, or play sports. Rather, it’s about maximizing one’s physical potential. Our school culture allows us to work hard and be supportive without the fear of looking foolish.

We offer a comprehensive and growing repertoire of physical education. All students take part in a four-year fitness regimen based on strength, endurance, flexibility, functional movement, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle. This not only empowers them with the knowledge to continue fitness pursuits, but it also serves to aid the career ambitions of some.

As a complement to the rigorous physical education for all students, CBCP competes in a number of varsity sports including boys and girls soccer, boys football, boys and girls cross country, boys and girls track, girls volleyball, boys and girls basketball, boys baseball, girls softball, and cheerleading.