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Expectations of Students

To ensure that Gary Comer College Prep students graduate from college as well-rounded successful citizens, our students will master a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum, develop the discipline necessary to succeed in their future professions, and begin to honor the greater community. Attendance at Gary Comer College Prep requires that students conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the values we teach—grit, zest, optimism, and gratitude.

This means students are expected to:

Attend and arrive on time every day with all required materials. Follow school and classroom rules. Work diligently and do homework nightly. Accept responsibility for their behavior. Work on improving or maintaining health and physical fitness Help maintain the school building by keeping it clean and participating in clean-up activities Serve all detentions or suspensions that are earned Treat GCCP faculty, staff, and other students with respect
We believe these guidelines provide the framework for a well-rounded person who will not only excel academically but develop critical interpersonal skills. A well-rounded student should embrace the arts, physical fitness, and other forms of creative expression.