Core Values



We assume personal responsibility for the ambitious results that support our mission and serve our families. We use results as self-reflective tools for our improvement, and we ground our performance and decision-making in data. Data helps us to both frame our challenges and eliminate barriers that get in the way of operating simply, quickly and effectively. Excellence is always the goal, and good is the enemy of great.


We positively collaborate with our colleagues to build trust. The freedom to innovate together is foundational to our ability to serve students well and trust is paramount to that direct collaboration. We assume the best in people and focus on what we can do to honor and support them. We treat our colleagues and all external parties with esteem and understanding. We express gratitude and appreciation.

Follow Through

We do what we say we will do both punctually and with attention to detail because the difference between good and great is in the details. We communicate clearly and as far in advance as possible, because our time and the time of our colleagues is valuable. We create accountability by owning mistakes when we make them and hold others accountable to their commitments.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We believe diverse teams perform better and get the best results for our students. We seek diverse voices and welcome a variety of perspectives in order to arrive at the best decisions. We make people feel included and reach out to bring others in, creating a culture where individuals of every background can contribute in unique ways to deliver on our mission. We examine ourselves to ensure our practices and beliefs lead to equitable outcomes for all.

Humility and Self-Awareness

We assume we can be better. We continually reflect on ourselves and our practice for the sake of improvement because our mission is an extraordinary one that demands that we, too, strive to be extraordinary. We exhibit understanding and vulnerability toward our strengths and areas of growth, we seek and accept constructive feedback, and we understand the perception and impact of our actions, words, and tone on others.