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Our Academic Program

DRW College Prep offers a rigorous curriculum and holds high expectations of each of our scholars. Scholars must meet specific academicenrichmentcommunity servicephysical fitness, college experience, and discipline requirements to be promoted to the next grade level or to graduate.

 Academics: To be promoted to the next grade level or to graduate, students must earn the credits from every class every semester in which they are enrolled during the regular school year. 

**Course Failures: Any scholar who fails a class will be required to enroll in night school or summer school to recover credit before promotion to the next grade level.  Any scholar failing class(es) at the end of semester 1 will be expected to take them in night school during semester 2. If a scholar fails a class(es) during the second semester, he/she will be expected to enroll in the class(es) in a summer school. 

Freshman Class

Algebra 1


African American Literature



Drama and Theatre Arts

Freshman Seminar

DRW College Prep works to develop well-rounded students through participation in enrichment, community service, athletics, and college exploration.

 Community Service: Students must pass the community service requirement as outlined in the community service syllabus.

 Attendance: Students are required to come to school every day on time. Students who do not meet the attendance requirement stated in the Student Code of Conduct must attend summer school for promotion.

 Physical Fitness: Students must pass the physical fitness test and health test to be promoted to the next grade level and to graduate. Students must also pass their physical education class every semester.

 Discipline: Any student who accumulates more than the 36 detentions, or more than 20 days of suspension in any one year will not be promoted to the next grade or graduate. If a student exceeds 12 detentions for a year, that student will be required to take 1 summer behavior class in order to be promoted/graduate. If a student exceeds 24 detentions for a year, that student will be required to take 2 summer behavior classes in order to be promoted. Students must serve all detentions that are earned within the school year for promotion/graduation.

 Graduation: For graduation eligibility, seniors must pay all fees and must meet all graduation requirements by June. Seniors who require summer school cannot graduate in June.