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Welcome Parents

Welcome to our website! We are excited that you are here. We want to begin by thanking you for trusting us with your child’s education.

Our mission is that all scholars will use their education to make a positive multi-generational change. To do this, we have to work closely together. We steadfastly believe that the academic and character development of your scholar hinges on our partnership.

Communicating with you is very important to us, and we hope that you find the information here helpful. We have many different resources to keep you up to date on your student’s progress. Please read below carefully to see how you can keep in touch with your child’s teachers and stay updated on their grades.

Your active participation in supporting your child at Golder College Prep will greatly enhance his/her success. Below are a few things to do as a Noble parent:

1) Express high expectations for your child’s school performance.

We need you to make sure that your child is doing his/her homework. Every child is given an agenda that contains daily homework assignments. We need you to go over homework assignments with your child every night to make sure the homework is being completed.

2) Create a home environment that encourages learning.

It is essential that we have your support. We need to make sure that your child is eating healthy at home, getting sufficient sleep, and coming to school on time. Your child needs a safe place to study, free of interruptions from the television, video games, and siblings.

3) Become involved in your child’s education both at school and in the community.

Additionally, every guardian has access to their child’s grades and the results of every class assignment via the Internet through PowerSchool. Every parent should learn how to access these grades and view them weekly on the Internet. We also need to you be aware of your child’s grades. Please review and sign your child’s newsletter provided each week. Please also support your son or daughter’s career planning and college search.

Vincent Gay
Principal, Golder College Prep