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Expectations of Students

Johnson College Prep is committed to providing the highest levels of academic achievement and placement in colleges. In order for this to happen, attendance at Johnson College Prep requires that students conduct themselves in a manner that will assure success throughout life. This means students are expected to :

  • Be present and on time every day with all required materials.
  • Follow the student code of conduct.
  • Work diligently and satisfactorily complete homework nightly.
  • Accept responsibility for their behavior.
  • Maintain a clean and safe campus.
  • Participate in enriching activities and volunteer within their communities.

These guidelines provide the framework for a well-rounded person who will not only excel academically but develop critical interpersonal skills. Additionally, a well-rounded student should embrace the arts, physical fitness, and other joys of the creative human experience.

Noble Discipline Code

Freshman orientation and minimal transfers assure that students are invested in the school’s culture. A well established and consistently enforced merit and demerit system ensures an environment conducive to learning. Rules and consequences are clearly communicated. Students are given demerits when they violate rules defined in the school/student/parent contract. Additionally, the strict uniform policy requires dress shoes and belts, as well as a tucked-in school polo shirt. In order to be promoted to the next grade, a student must limit the number of detentions received.