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Expectations of Students

The staff at Mansueto High School is here to give you the best support possible. They are not here to baby you. When you enter high school, you become young adults and you will have many more responsibilities. You are required to live out our core values every single day:


We drive results through trust, conflict, commitment, and accountability.


We understand that we will be faced with challenges. We recover from setbacks quickly, adapt in an unfamiliar situations and preserve to the finish line.


Good is the enemy of great. We strive to be the best in everything we do.


We remain positive in the face of challenges and are solutions oriented at all times. In addition, you are required to know and internalize our student code of conduct. There are no warnings at Mansueto High School. We expect excellence every single time and provide you with as much support as you need along the way! Please see the Student Code of Conduct and the Discipline Addendum here. You are responsible for your academic advancement. We have systems in place to support you should you struggle academically. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are taking advantage of those systems!