Flexible, cost-effective options for our teachers to obtain an Illinois teaching license or subject endorsement.

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As part of our commitment to investing in the long-term development of our teachers, we are excited to offer Noble Licensure Programs for teachers interested in pursuing either their Illinois teaching license with an M.A. in teaching or their subject endorsement while teaching at Noble.

In addition to our M.A. in teaching and subject endorsement options, Noble has also partnered with Relay Graduate School of Education since 2015 to offer a two-year Teaching Residency program at our campuses for professionals that are new to teaching.

See below to learn more about our most popular licensure programs.

Summary Of All Graduate Partners


The national teacher shortage was a problem prior to the pandemic. Since then the need for great teachers in our classrooms has only increased. Our students cannot wait for external solutions – we simply don’t have time.

In an effort to bring more individuals into the profession, Noble Schools and Relay Graduate School of Education have partnered to create our own pipeline of mission-driven, career teachers in the hardest-to-staff content areas.


Programs Offered 

  • Relay Teaching Residency
  • Special Education Master’s Program

Basic qualifications to earn a teaching license through Relay Graduate School of Education:

  • Bachelor’s degree or expected Bachelor’s degree by June 2022
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA or higher


The Teaching Residency is a two-year program where educators have the opportunity to participate in a year-long apprenticeship under the guidance and direction of a mentor teacher before transitioning into a lead teaching position in the second year of the program. This program is designed for individuals who want to enter the teaching profession, and are looking for the support, training, and feedback required in becoming a highly effective teachers. Our residents join a selective cohort of diverse and talented future teachers committed to educational justice.


  1. Submit Application
  2. Submit an unofficial copy of a transcript
  3. Phone interview
  4. Video Interview
  5. Final interview
  6. Reference Check
  7. Offer


  • Residents at Noble must typically fill a teacher’s assistant or paraprofessional role, and their responsibilities include providing one-on-one support to students, providing direct instruction to small groups of students, co-teaching, and filling in as substitute teachers. 
  • Over the course of the program, you will build your teaching skills with guidance from your Relay professors and a designated mentor at your school. Throughout your first year as a teaching resident, you’ll gradually gain responsibility for leading small groups of students through lessons until you are ready to instruct a whole class.


  • Year 1: Resident Teacher
    Salary: $38,000
    Full tuition coverage
  • Year 2: Lead Teacher
    Salary: $56,000
    $4,500 tuition out of pocket cost


  • Special Education (most undergraduate majors qualify)
  • Secondary Math
  • Biology
  • Chemistry

These content areas are historically the hardest-to-staff positions, not just at Noble, but in districts across the country. Earning a license in these content areas not only helps fill a spot where the need is the greatest but also increases your job security and options in the future.


At Noble, 18% of our student body (2000+ students) has an individualized education plan (IEP), and we are proud that 71% of our students with IEPs matriculate to either two or four-year colleges and universities. Across the country and in Chicago, there is an urgent need for special educators. To help address this need and encourage people who are passionate about serving diverse learners, Noble provides a two-year Master’s program where employees teach full-time while simultaneously attending graduate school at a subsidized cost.


  1. Submit formal application
  2. Informational call with Team Talent
  3. Phone Interview with school leaders
  4. Final interview
  5. Reference Checks
  6. Offer


This program is designed for individuals who are ready to enter the classroom as a lead teacher. If enrolled in this program, you will be hired as a full-time special education teacher at Noble. The Special Education MAT program provides a foundation for teachers to support a wide range of learners and qualifies them to pursue roles available to special educators.


  • 75% of tuition covered by Noble – out-of-pocket cost is approximately $5,550
  • Salary that is aligned to our network-wide compensation model (starting salary is $56,000)
  • Eligible to enroll in benefits
  • Full reimbursement of testing costs
  • Earn your Master of Arts in Teaching
  • Earn your Professional Educators License and LBSI endorsement from the Illinois State Board of Education

For more information please contact Amy Gonzalez at

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