DEI Timeline of Milestones

2012 – 2013

Noble Hires 1st Diversity Recruiter

Noble’s Recruitment Team hires our first part-time Diversity Recruiter as part of the Recruitment Hedgehog Team in an effort to improve our relationships w/diverse organizations and diversify our candidate pool.

“Team Talent” Created with Focus on Hiring More Diverse Staff

Noble creates “Team Talent” and hires our second part-time Diversity Recruiter as part of the Recruitment Hedgehog Team.

In 2014, Noble strengthened its commitment to diversifying our candidate pool & adds a full-time Diversity Recruiter Position to the team.

2013 – 2014
2014 -2015

Pritzker Access Scholarship (PAS)

Noble secures a multi-year grant to support equitable opportunities in college access for undocumented students through the Pritzker Access Scholarship (PAS).

Noble’s First BIPOC Chief

Noble hires the first person of color as an executive leader with the first African American woman as Chief External Affairs, Constance Jones.

2015 – 2016


In July, Muchin College Prep’s founding principal, Kimberly Neal-Brannum, closes Noble’s first leadership retreat with an invoking conversation around race, racism in America, and why race matters at Noble.

HBCU Focus

Noble’s Director of College Partnerships, Noble Principals, and Deans of College host Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) admissions event to create a partnership with HBCUs and our Noble campuses.

Student Culture and Support

Noble hires its first Director of Student Culture & Support.

In response to the Illinois SB100 bill, Noble refines and restricts exclusionary discipline policies with the aim of decreasing suspension and expulsion rates.

DREAMer Supports

Noble hires its first DREAMer Supports Manager to manage the Pritzker Access Scholarship and inform practices in supporting undocumented students and immigrant families.
Read more here.

2016 – 2017

Staff Development: DEI Focus

The Academics Team offers year-long Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion professional development for all staff at quarterly network collaboration days, open to all staff.

Noble changes its core value of “diversity of perspective” to “diversity, equity, & inclusion.”

Examining Our Impact with
Black Boys

Noble’s leadership engages in conversations and professional development at the Pal & Chief Retreat and Noble Leadership Retreat centered on Noble’s policies & their impact on the experience of black boys at Noble.

2017 – 2018

Bold Statement

At the August 2017 Back to School Kickoff, Noble’s founder publicly names Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion as a priority for the organization.

Following this statement, Noble’s DEI Belief Statement, revised core value, and four DEI commitments for the school year are finished, published, & implemented.

Read more in Noble’s DEI Plan here.

Noble Salary Equity

Noble launches its salary schedule to ensure transparency of pay, predictability, & equity across a majority of positions.

Noble hosts its first DEI training specifically for hiring managers.

Read about Noble’s Compensation Scale here.

Student Experience

Noble partners with Panorama to gather data on the student experience & student voice at Noble.

Equitable College Success

The College Team intentionally analyzes college outcomes by demographics (race & gender) and school type to inform our approach in examining gaps and in improving practices in both college and alumni counseling, particularly for Black males.

2018 – 2019

The Noble Classroom”

The Academics Team created “The Noble Classroom” incorporating a large focus on culturally responsive & sustaining teaching (the Connected Tenet).

Learn more about The Noble Classroom here.

First Noble CEO of Color

Noble announces it’s first female CEO of color, Constance Jones. Noble’s first female Head Schools, Ellen Metz, begins her new role.

Noble Board Diversity

In April 2018, Harriette Coleman and Miquel Lewis joins the Noble board as parent representatives. Also, Jeri Mack and Dr. Lei Zhang Schiltz join in December.

Learn more about their membership here.

Be Yourself, Be Noble

Noble makes massive changes in dress code policies for staff & students (including permitting piercings, tattoos, hair color, and establishing a gender-neutral dress code) in an effort to make sure that Noble is place where one can bring their whole self to work & to school.
Read more on the policy changes here.

Student Retention Focus

In February, Head of Schools, Ellen Metz, launches Noble’s largest “listening tour” to hear from hundreds of stakeholders (staff, students, parents) to collect feedback on school policies. Read more here.

In March, Noble’s Chief Education Officer launches a “Student Retention Steering Committee,” comprised of a diverse group of stakeholders to analyze the student experience at Noble & make recommendations around promotion, retention practices, and inter-campus transferring policies. Student Retention Final Report.

DEI Steering Committee

In December, Noble launches a “DEI Steering Committee” to focus on the student & staff experience as it pertains to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The committee was charged with defining what DEI means at Noble, recommend priorities for the organization, and develop a high-level, multi-year plan for Noble’s DEI efforts. The steering committee heard from over 1000 people.

Diverse Leaders Fellowship Launch

Noble launches the Diverse Leaders Fellowship, (DLF) designed to identify our diverse talent and invest in their development, while also strengthening our leadership pipeline at Noble. This pathway will enhance the experience of its participants through supplemental professional development, networking opportunities, and one on one mentorship.
Learn more about DLF here.

Equitable School Funding

Noble changes its funding methodology to acknowledge & address the needs of Noble’s “high need” campuses, creating a “high equity index” criteria.

Learn more about the strategic plan
and equity fund here.

OneNoble Celebrates

The Employee Engagement begins hosting OneNoble events, including a Black History Month Happy Hour (February) and LGBTQ+ Pride Happy Hour (June) to support a more inclusive culture at Noble.

Staff Experience Focus

Noble joins forces with Promise54 to collect data specifically around how our staff experiences DEI within our campuses, Noble Support Team, and the organization as a whole.

DREAMers Graduate College

The first cohort of undocumented students with the Pritzker Access Scholarship graduate at a rate of 60% completion in four years (with a projected total completion of 72%).

Read more about our awesome DREAMers here.

Noble Commits to
Being Anti-Racist

Noble publishes its five year strategic plan, naming positive experiences & equitable outcomes as the #1 organizational priority for the next five years.

In June, Noble announces that it will hire a Chief Equity Officer in the following school year.
Read the five year plan here.

2019 – 2020

Overcoming Racism

In February, the executive team participates in professional development on Overcoming Racism, led by facilitator Matthew Kincaid. Noble board members participate in the anti-racism development beginning in August.

Culturally Responsive & Sustaining Teaching

The Academics team begins a year-long cohort teaching model around CRST (culturally responsive & sustaining teaching) for instructional leaders.

The team also launches a year-long trauma-informed professional development for teachers during quarterly Network Collaboration days.

Chief Equity Officer

In January, Noble’s announces its first Chief Equity Officer, Jennifer Reid Davis.

In June, Noble announces its first Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, D. Nigel Green.

Be Anti-Racist, Be Noble

In June, Noble’s CEO makes a public statement in support of #BlackLivesMatter & names that Noble is committed to becoming an anti-racist organization.

See the video here.

Pride @ Noble

The Employee Engagement team continues hosting OneNoble events; including Noble’s first Latinx Heritage Month Celebration (October), Black History Month Happy Hour (February), and LGBTQ+ Pride Happy Hour (June).

Diversity at the Top

By the end of the school year, Noble has the most diverse chief board in its history, with 53% POC and 53% female.

In June, Noble supports the CEO’s statement and hosts its annual Leadership retreat with more than 200 campus and support team leaders focused on anti-racism work.

Black Scholar Experience

Noble’s Director of Student Culture & Support creates the Black Scholar Experience Working Group to dig into root causes of inequitable outcomes for our Black boys and create policy recommendations to remedy those outcomes.

Hear from Dr. Janine Franklin about her passion for students here.

Excellent & Connected Instruction

The “Connected” tenet in The Noble Classroom is renamed to Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Teaching to clarify its purpose and Noble’s stance on excellent teaching.

2020 – 2021

Defining Anti-Racism at Noble

Noble reestablishes its DEI Steering Committee to begin the process of clearly defining what anti-racism work looks like at Noble. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Implementation Plan is updated to reflect this work more specifically.

See the updated DEI Implementation Plan here.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day

In 2019-2020, Noble began to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day to honor the Native inhabitants of this country. While Illinois hasn’t officially changed the name of the holiday yet, in Illinois, we are living on land that was taken from Indigenous people. While we can’t reverse the actions of the early Americans who took that land, we encourage you to visit this site to research whose land you currently reside on, as a form of recognition and acknowledgment of the rich culture of the Indigenous Peoples that settled this country.  At Noble, we strive to create inclusive spaces for all of our students, families and staff, and to do this requires that we continue to examine both our past and our present from a multitude of perspectives.

Antiracism Commitment Statement

The work of the DEI Steering Committee is released as Noble’s Antiracism Commitment Statement. This statement will guide Noble’s work to become an anti-racist organization. See statement at

Black Student Experience Working Group Report Released

“Please note, the body of work produced by the Black Scholar Experience Working Group is not the start or end of our efforts to dismantle racism at Noble. This will be one key component of the work to come as we seek to live up to our Anti-racism commitment.” Dr. Franklin
See the full BSEWG Report Here