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Academic Courses & Electives
Noble Street College Prep offers an array of academic courses and electives that help students create a well-rounded profile for when they apply to college and or pursue other options after high school. See below for more information.

Academic Courses & Electives
Noble offers Honor and AP courses to students who outperform in regular classes.

When students enter Noble, they are placed in an advisory with peers in the same graduating class and a staff member (aka the “advisor”). Students meet with the advisory every morning and at least twice during the week.  Advisors check in with students about their grades, classes, and overall well-being, but they also take time to connect students as an advisory, easing their transition into high school.

Academic Lab
Academic Lab is a silent study period in the middle of the day. Students can begin their homework, get help from their classroom teachers, and check in with staff members. Students are assigned to an Academic Lab, but a student can schedule a meeting with a teacher during this time if they need extra help.

Office Hours
Every teacher has at least one office hour per week. Teachers are in classrooms 4:10 – 5:10 PM to provide students with extra academic support. This is when students can work on assignments, complete missed work, and connect with teachers outside of the classroom.  Visit the Current Students & Families section  for teacher office hours.

Acceleration Season
Noble Street has specific programming to prepare for the SAT tests in the spring. Teachers plan curriculum around this national test, and the school embarks on Acceleration Season every spring. Programming consists of targeted SAT practice and community building activities within each grade level. We find the academic preparation and team building exercises help our students build the confident and skill required to master the test.

Noble allows students to successfully navigate through high school by providing online tools like PowerSchool and Noble Space where students can look up their grades, GPA, class assignments and syllabuses, attendance, demerits, etc.

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