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Seminars, Enrichment, Clubs, & Other Groups 
Students at Noble have the opportunity to partake in non-academic classes that perk their personal interests thru seminars, afterschool enrichment classes, student-led clubs, and other groups. Seminars take place during the school day and include gaming groups, fitness groups, and fine arts programming. Enrichment classes are held after school and include music classes, spoken word, and dance. Students are encouraged to start their own club and can be matched with a staff sponsor for after school or seminar clubs.

Town Hall
Students can showcase what they’ve learned in class in Town Hall in front of peers, family, and friends. Town  Hall happens a few times a year and is an exciting event to be a part of or to observe!

Girls and Guys Nights
Once a year, Noble hosts Girls Night and Guys Night. The purpose of this event is to build relationships and engage in discussions around self-esteem, confidence, and mental health.

Community Service
Noble strives to provide students with a quality and equitable education and teach them about the value of giving and serving others. For this reason, students at Noble are required to complete 40 community service hours by the end of their junior year. Most service hours will be completed with their advisory and some individually at sites that are already pre-approved by Noble. See Current Students & Families section for more information.

School Spirit Events
Students can show their school pride by participating in events like Spirit Week and Dress Down Days. These events are fun and some students show off their sports gear or own individual style.

Diversity Dialogue Day
Students at Noble partake in Diversity Dialogue Day four times a year. Diversity Dialogue Days aim to (a) raise staff and student’s personal consciousness about race and ethnicity, (b) interrupt racism within the Noble community, and (c) fortify students’ understandings of their racial and ethnic identities.