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School Calendar

This calendar shows important upcoming campus events. To view Noble’s full-year academic calendar, please see the link in the left menu.

Weather Closures: Noble schools will follow CPS guidance in the case of inclement weather closures. When CPS schools are closed, Noble schools will be closed as well. Please check the homepage of our website for notice of school closures.

Meet Our Principal

Dear Noble Parents,

Welcome to the Noble Street family.  We are honored to have you join our community.

From the day your child is accepted into our campus and decides to attend, your family becomes a part of our community.  We are passionate about knowing your child. Our highest priority is your child’s success, and we are committed to the love and high expectations that will lead a life rich with options. We are honored to have your trust and commitment, and we look forward to building a personal relationship with you over the next four years.

With sincere gratitude,

Principal Ellen Metz

Goals and Core Values

In order to accomplish our mission, Noble has set three goals:

  1. We want our students to be college ready
  2. We want Noble Street to be the best place to attend school
  3. We want Noble Street to be the best place to work

If we accomplish these goals, measured by our own benchmarks, we believe our students will be ready to access a life rich with options.  We approach these goals with a values driven mindset, always prioritizing love and high expectations when we make decisions. Specifically, we value relationships, reliability and results, and we share these values with our student body. Building positive relationships, being reliable, and demonstrating hard work through results will provide the foundation to enrich students’ personal, academic, and career goals.

Academic Courses & Electives

Academic Courses & Electives
Noble Street College Prep offers an array of academic courses and electives that help students create a well-rounded profile for when they apply to college and or pursue options after high school. All students are given the chance to rank our elective offerings. As students enter the Upper School (11th and 12th grade), they can also select some of their academic courses based on teacher recommendations. Classes in the Upper School have both juniors and seniors in the same courses. Click below to see a list of courses offered at Noble.

Courses & Electives Offerings

Office Hours
Noble students who have below a 3.0 current unweighted Grade Point Average (GPA) are placed on the Academic Intervention Program (AIP). Students that are on AIP are required to attend one office hour a week (after school 4:10-5:10 PM) to get extra academic support from classroom teachers. All students are welcome to attend office hours, but students that are on AIP are at risk of earning demerits for not attending. All teachers are also available by appointment. Students can work on assignments, complete missed work, and or receive tutoring. Click below to see a list of office hours at Noble.

9th Grade
10th Grade
Upper School (11th & 12th Grade)

Acceleration Season
Acceleration Season is underway for our 9th, 10th, and 11th graders! Noble faculty have collaborated and designed targeted programming to prepare students for the SAT this spring. Programming consists of targeted SAT practice and community building activities within each grade level. Students, get ready to master the SAT! 11th graders take the test April 10th, and 9th and 10th graders take the PSAT on April 17th!

PowerSchool, Noble Space, & Google Classroom
Noble students can successfully navigate through high school with online tools like PowerSchool, Noble Space, and Google Classroom where they can look up school log entries, such as demerits and after school hours, grades, GPA, and class materials. Click below to access the websites.

Noble Space
Google Classroom (Students can log in with their Noble email using the link they receive from their teachers)

Extra Curriculars

Seminars, Enrichment, Clubs, & Other Groups
Students at Noble have the opportunity to participate in non-academic classes that perk their personal interests thru seminars, afterschool enrichment classes, student-led clubs, and other groups. Seminars take place during the school day and include gaming groups, fitness groups, and fine arts programming. Enrichment classes are held after school and include music classes, spoken word, and dance. Students are encouraged to start their own club and can be matched with a staff sponsor for after school or seminar clubs.

Seminar List
Fall sign-up TBA

Enrichment List
Fall sign-up TBA

Town Hall
Students can showcase what they’ve learned in class in Town Hall in front of peers, family, and friends. Town Hall happens almost once a month and is an exciting event to be a part of or to observe!

Upcoming Town Halls (12:20 PM- 1:10 PM):
Friday, April 20th (10th grade)

Girls and Guys Nights
Once a year, Noble hosts Girls Night and Guys Night. The purpose of this event is to build relationships and engage in discussions around self-esteem, confidence, and mental health.

Upcoming Girls Night

Upcoming Guys Night

Community Service
Noble strives to provide students with a quality and equitable education and teach them about the value of giving and serving others. For this reason, students at Noble are required to complete 40 community service hours by the end of their sophomore year. Most service hours will be completed with their advisory and some individually at sites that are already pre-approved by Noble.

Community Service Forms
CS Syllabus
CS Approved Sites List
CS Approval Form

School Spirit Events
Students can show their school pride by participating in events like Spirit Week and Dress Down Days. These events are fun and some students show off their sports gear or own individual style.

Upcoming School Spirit Events

Diversity Dialogue Day
Students at Noble partake in Diversity Dialogue Day four times a year. Diversity Dialogue Days aim to (a) raise staff and student’s personal consciousness about race and ethnicity, (b) interrupt racism within the Noble community, and (c) fortify students’ understandings of their racial and ethnic identities.

Noble’s next Diversity Dialogue Day
Thursday, May 17th


PE & Sports
Students’ health and well-being are important at Noble. Noble’s PE courses offer professional and experienced fitness instructors who teach students about the value of working out, eating nutritional foods, and living a balanced lifestyle.
Need to make up extra PE points, visit your instructor’s office hours!

Ms. Murphy
4:10 PM – 5:10 PM
Boxing Gym

Mr. Feuerbach
4:10 PM – 5:10 PM
Boxing Gym

In addition, all students are encouraged to join a sport at Noble. See Ms. Cavitt ( if you are interested in joining a sport!

Current Sports (Spring)
Junior Varsity Softball (girls)
Junior Varsity and Varsity Soccer (girls)
Varsity Rugby (boys)
Varsity Baseball (boys)

Upcoming Games:


Baseball vs. Golder

Wednesday, April 11

5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Humboldt Park #10 (1100 N. Kedzie)


Baseball vs. Rauner

Monday, April 18

5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Humboldt Park #1 (1100 N. Kedzie)


Girls Soccer vs. Mansueto

Tuesday, April 17

5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Mansueto Field (2911 W. 47th St.)


Fill the Stands
To promote school spirit and support our student athletes, Noble has ‘Fill the Stands’ days where student peers, parents, and teachers and staff are encouraged to attend a game and wear their Noble Street Spirit Gear.

Next Fill the Stands Date

ESPY Awards
To celebrate and recognize individual student athletes or teams, Noble hosts an ESPY Award Night at the end of each sport’s season. The winter ESPY Awards passed on February 27th.

Spring ESPY Awards
Tuesday May 15th at 5:45pm

Jersey Days
On certain game days, athletes are allowed to wear their sports jersey instead of their uniform shirt during the season of their sport.

Next Jersey Day

College Support

Noble exposes students to the world of higher education from the time they start high school to the time they graduate to ensure we fulfill our mission of students having access to a life rich with options. Noble provides individualized support in the college process to best fit post-secondary plan for each student. Read below about other ways Noble helps students in their pursuit of higher education.

Summer of a Lifetime (SOL)
Students have the opportunity to take a class on a college campus or university during the summer after their sophomore year through the generous support of the Summer of a Lifetime program. Accepted students are matched with programs across the US and get to experience college life first hand. This past year, students participated in programs across 25 colleges and universities, including the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Harvard University, University of Chicago and Spelman College.

Summer of a Lifetime website

College Seminar
During senior year, students take a College Seminar course to help them prepare and plan for life after high school. Students get support submitting quality college applications, applying for financial aid and scholarships, and exploring majors and career paths. The class is lead by experienced College Counselors who help and guide seniors and their families step by step through the process.

Alumni Support
Noble has a full-time, year round Alumni Coordinator who works with students after they graduate to achieve their college and career goals.In addition, our alumni can take advantage of Noble Network’s Career Office for support with resume editing, cover letter reviews, job interview prep, and listings of job & internship opportunities.

Visit the  Noble Alumni Career Office FB page.

Parent Involvement
Noble’s College Team aims to engage parents throughout the college process and has College Parent Nights at each grade level to work with families throughout their time at Noble. Noble serves many first generation college students, so looks to be a resource for families navigating the process for the first time.


Newsletters are distributed once a week to students to give to parents. They are Noble’s mode of communication to parents about current events at the school (parent meetings, open houses, dances, testing days, etc.) and other pertinent information (changes in school schedule, medical requirements, enrollment, etc.)

Campus Newsletters link coming soon


Noble has policies around attendance, dress code, academic and behavioral expectations, grading, etc.

Students and their families should review Noble’s policies before joining the Noble community and review it every year incase of changes.



Noble Store

Parents and students have the option of purchasing Noble polos and sweatshirts online with Land’s End, enjoying the many benefits that come from ordering online.

Online Benefits
● Youth sizes are available for those who need a smaller fit than the adult sizes offered at the campus.
● Lifetime guarantee for all garments.
● Purchase 3 or more polos online and receive $5 off each polo ($3 off youth sized polos).
● Free shipping on orders over $50.
● Promotional windows: Lands’ End offers promotions during the year. Parents can sign up for email alerts so they know when a promotion is being offered.

For information on how to setup your account and order uniforms, click here.

Gym uniforms are not sold online. Parents and students can purchase gym uniforms at the campus.

Email Dean of Operations, Tonya Milkie ( if you have any feedback about this process.