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Our Mission and Goals

Pritzker’s goal is to position our students for admission to and graduation from the most competitive universities and colleges in America. We do this by focusing on rigorous academics, strong character education, smaller ratio of college counseling caseloads, and well-rounded options for extracurricular activities and sports to ensure passions and curiosities are cultivated.

 Therefore, we aim to achieve: 

  • 100% of our students accepted to a variety of 4  year colleges and universities so that students have the power to choose their best path.
  • 1100+ on the SAT and a B+ grade average for better college access and placement
  • A safe, consistent, and supportive community of peers and staff
  • A wealth of clubs and activities to help each student develop their passions and find a niche (over 50 exist currently)
  • Personal academic advisors, separate from their college counselors, that help students daily over their four years
  • College Scholarships and grant support to help make college affordable (over $50,ooo,ooo last year awarded to our seniors!)