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Use this system to track your student’s progress. If you have questions about PowerSchool, check out the links below or contact Mr. Moran.

PowerSchool English: https://youtu.be/d80LJyBMasc

PowerSchool Spanish :https://youtu.be/rZSeW0R1wWQ

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Parent involvement at Pritzker

We at Pritzker College Prep steadfastly feel that the educational and character development of the child hinges on a cooperative partnership between the school and home. Research tells us again and again that the most accurate predictor of a child’s success in school is the degree to which a child’s parents have exhibited three qualities:

1) Express high expectations for a child’s school performance
We need you to make sure that they are doing their homework. Every child is given an agenda that contains daily homework assignments. We need you to go over their assignments with them every night to make sure their homework is being completed.

2) Create a home environment that encourages learning
It is essential that we have your support. We need to make sure that your child is eating healthy at home, getting sufficient sleep, and coming to school on time. Your child needs a safe place to study, free of interruptions from the television, video games, and sibling disruptions.

3) Become involved in a child’s education both at school and in the community
Additionally, every guardian has access to their child’s grades and the results of every class assignment via the Internet through PowerSchool. Every parent should learn how to access these grades and view them weekly on the Internet. We also need to you be aware of your child’s grades. Please review and sign your child’s newsletter provided each week.

Finally, a nationwide analysis of test scores found that three factors over which parents have significant control – student absences, access to reading materials in the home, and excessive television viewing – accounted for almost 90 percent of the difference in student test performance. This parental impact on student academic performance remains through the high school years.

Thank you for your continued support both of your children and our work to best prepare them for future success in college and beyond.


Newsletters for the 2017-2018 school year will be posted here.

Newsletters are generally released every Thursday in advisory. Any questions about the newsletter, please contact Ms. Ryden (cryden@pritzkercollegeprep.org).

Scholarship Resources

College Counseling Selectivity Chart

Types of Scholarships You Should Apply To:

1) Institutional Scholarships

These are scholarships from colleges and universities.
Prioritize applying to these scholarships! Your student can research scholarship opportunities at every school he or she has been accepted to.

2) Merit Based Scholarships

  • These scholarships require your student to do something to earn the aid. They may have to write an essay, have a specific ACT or GPA, or complete an online application.
  • Merit Based Scholarships can be awarded based on:
    -Academic achievement
    -Athletic achievement
    -Artistic Achievement
  • Prioritize local scholarships because the pool of competition is smaller.
    -Churches and community centers may offer scholarships.
    -Check with your employer to see if they offer scholarship opportunities.

Scholarship Search Engines

Want to help your student find and apply for scholarships? Use the search engines below!


Other Important Financial Aid Information

This year the FAFSA opens up in the fall, seniors will be applying for FAFSA in their Collegiate Seminar Classes in October. If you have any questions, please contact your student’s College Counselor. Also, make sure you file your 2016 taxes as soon as possible so your student can update the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

You may qualify for FREE assistance filing your taxes. Check out Ladder Up’s website to see if you qualify! http://www.goladderup.org/

Does your student need to file the CSS profile? Find out more about it here: http://student.collegeboard.org/css-financial-aid-profile