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School Calendar

This calendar shows important upcoming campus events. To view Noble’s full-year academic calendar, please see the link in the side menu.

Weather Closures: Noble schools will follow CPS guidance in the case of inclement weather closures. When CPS schools are closed, Noble schools will be closed as well. Please check the homepage of our website for notice of school closures.


Greetings Wildcat Parents, Guardians, and Families!

We are so excited to welcome you to the Rauner College Prep family. We are honored that you have chosen our school as the place where your student will embark on an unforgettable & transformational journey. We look forward to partnering with you in this work because we know that together there are no limits for our scholars. We are committed to the success of your child during his/her time at Rauner and beyond high school graduation. We are committed to seeing your student be successful in college, graduate, & return as a leader in their own communities. The success of this city and this country lies in the success of all of our children. Rauner is the perfect training place for what lies ahead.

Your child has started a very important journey, one that will be filled with hard work, learning, curiosity, character, success, & failures. This road will not always be easy. There will certainly be hard lessons to learn & obstacles to overcome. There will be laughs and there will be tears. There will triumphs and failures. We, at Rauner College Prep, are committed to pushing our students beyond their perceived limits in hopes that they will find bigger goals and aspirations that they never dreamed of. We pledge to develop the student & nurture the character our students need to be leaders in the 21st century.

The teachers at Rauner College Prep are some of the best teachers around. They are experts who care, work hard, & insist on the best education for kids. I guarantee you that the teachers and staff of Rauner College Prep work tirelessly to provide a multitude of opportunities for your child. Our mission is clear. We prepare students with the scholarship, discipline, & honor necessary to succeed in college & to live exemplary lives. This is no easy feat but our children deserve nothing less than this. The teachers at Rauner get up early and stay late…and brick by brick… and day by day they get this work done! I ask that you trust us. I ask that you join us. I ask that you support us as we prepare scholars with the skills & the character to be successful in college & to lead exemplary lives!

In Service,

Brendan Bedell, Principal

Rauner College Prep

Important Documents

Important documents will be uploaded here.


Students and parents are encouraged to access our handbook for quick answers on a varienty of topics, including attendance, academics, policies & procedures, and discipline. Click one of the following links to access this handbook in either English or Spanish. You can view the document online or print it out for future reference. 



Campus Addendum