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Enrichment Offerings for 2018-19


Baseball Boys– Mr. Quintana / Mr. Thomas – Spring Sport Basketball Boys – Mr. Lindquist – Winter Sport Girls – Mr. Hollander/Mr. Schlessman – Winter Sport Cheerleading Boys & Girls – Ms. McDonald – Fall & Winter Sport Dance Boys & Girls – Coach TBD Winter / Spring Sport Football Boys & Girls – Mr. Rotkvich – Fall Sport Rugby Boys – Ms. Velez/ Mr. York – Spring Sport Girls – Ms. Velez /Mr. York – Fall Sport Soccer Boys – Ms. Orlowski – Fall Sport Girls – Ms. Orlowski – Spring Sport Softball Girls – Ms. Slavinsky – Spring Sport Volleyball Girls – Ms. Slavinsky – Spring Sport



The Blocc Mentoring and Boxing – See Ms. Walker The Blocc is a mentoring and boxing club started by a former Noble Teacher. The organization runs     one group in the fall and another in the spring. No boxing experience is necessary. Chess Club – Ms. Lessem/Mr. Schlessman This club is for beginners and advanced chess players. Cosmetology Club – Ms. Maxwell The class is for basic cosmetology.  Scholars who are interested in pursuing a cosmetology license or simply  want to learn more about healthy care (take care of their hair) he course will be three days out the week for five weeks (Monday-Wednesday 4:30pm-6:30pm. Supplies that will be needed: mannequins, mannequin shears, combs, brushes, hair pins. ( I will have sign in and out sheet for all equipment.) Drivers Ed’ – See Mr. Pitzer Drivers’ Ed is a state certified program that helps students earn enrichment credit while getting a Drivers’ License. All money goes to the state. TOTAL CLASS COST = $125 for permit, classroom and behind the wheel instruction. Permit Application Fee: $20. Behind The Wheel Fee: $50 (at any CPS Driver Ed Center). Classroom Fee: $55. Sessions will be held over Winter Break & Summer break. Look to announcements for more info. You have to be 15 years and 9 months at the start of the class. Gender and Sexuality Alliance – Ms. Slavinsky The Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) will work to promote safety, support, and equity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and allied students and staff at Rauner College Prep. We will be a safe space and work to promote justice and equality for LGBTQIA+ students Hispanos Unidos – Mr. Hollander Hispanos Unidos is a Spanish/Latin American film club that provides upperclassmen with compelling and unique movies from many different Spanish speaking cultures. In club meetings, students enjoy comedies, tragedies, and historical films from such countries as Mexico, Spain, Cuba, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, and Chile. While at club meetings, students are expected to unwind, relax, and focus on watching the film – taking notes is recommended. 11th and 12th grade only.   Improv – See Mr. Pitzer Improvisation, or improv, is a form of live theatre in which the plot, characters and dialogue of a game, scene or story are made up in the moment. Often improvisers will take a suggestion from the audience, or draw on some other source of inspiration to get started. This club will help you harness your inner comedian and inner actor while also building your confidence. Jazz Band – Mr. Vega Rauner Offers both Jazz Ensemble and Beginner Jazz as a club for out students. The Jazz Ensemble will explore a variety of Jazz Ensemble literature through rehearsals and in performance. Furthermore, through rehearsal, students must become familiar with the rhythmic concept of Jazz in practical applications (such as improvised solo development) as well as theoretical knowledge. Beginner Jazz class will explore the basics to playing the style and learn the historical aspects of jazz performance skills. Students will become familiar with the basic rhythmic concept of Jazz in practical applications as well as theoretical knowledge of the beginner jazz instrumentalist. Marwin Arts – See Mr. Pitzer for more info. Marwen’s mission is to educate and inspire Chicago young people from under-resourced schools and communities through free visual and digital media arts courses. Students can sign up as long as they meet all of our 5 eligibility requirements. We welcome students of all skills level to participate. Our courses are 2.5 hours long and meet once a week for 10 weeks after school, 5-7:30pm, or on Saturdays. Students who successfully complete a course may earn up to 25 enrichment credit hours. For more information on orientation and how to register, visit marwen.org Mathletes More info to come My Brothers’ Keeper – Mr. Hudson/Mr. Cattouse MBK is a club that focuses on providing a safe space for our male students to socialize, grow, learn leadership skills and so much more. From bowling to basketball to lock-ins, this male only group is a great space to make friends and feel at home within Rauner’s walls. Robotics More info to come Senior Council – Ms. Collins Looking for students to help lead the Senior class is planning activities to promote RCP Pride and make the last year for our graduating class of 2019 a great one. If interested in planning themed dress down days, Prom, and all sorts of fundraisers and more, you should join Senior Council. Only for 12th grade students. Student Council – Ms. Collins Student Council is for anyone interested in being a school leader. Help run fundraising opportunities, plan dances, school events and so much more. Study Abroad – Thailand – Ms. McDonald & Mr. Pitzer Every year Rauner takes students across the globe to travel and learn about other cultures. This year we are going to Thailand. This club typically offers signup for the following year in the winter. Town Hall Committee – Ms. Islas/Ms. Sanchez Students will have the opportunity to collaborate with other students to put together Townhall Presentations for the entire school throughout the school year. We meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45 – 5:00 Wildcat Peer Mentors – Mr. Schlessman/Mr. Pitzer WPM is a leadership club for 10th-12th grade students that provides leadership development for students who want to work with and mentor freshman students. Wilderness Explorers – Mr. Dichiara Explore the outdoors and leap out of your comfort zone with the Wilderness Explorers club!  Participate in camping, paddling and hiking adventures with your peers all while strengthening key character traits and developing lasting friendships.  As a member of the club you also have exclusive access to out of state Spring break and Summer excursions!