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Our Mission

We prepare students with the scholarship, discipline, & honor necessary to succeed in college & lead exemplary lives. Our vision is to strengthen Chicago today by empowering our college graduates of tomorrow.

Core Values


We have a deep interest in learning.  We eliminate barriers that get in the way of new perspectives, unparalleled growth, and reflection. We assume we can be better and put aside ego for the sake of innovation. Excellence is always the goal, and good is the enemy of great. We willingly reflect on our practice, seek accountability, and reject entitlement. We find strength in vulnerability, and we fail well.


We love our school and we find joy in each other. We hold a deep belief in our children and communities. We go after our mission with hope & expectancy, despite inequities & obstacles. We root our aspirations in commitment and persistence. We act with high expectations, urgency, and a long-term view.


We operate with a sense of possibility and remain resilient in the face of challenges. We establish bold goals and assume responsibility for results. We work in purposeful, disciplined, and strategic ways. We ground ourselves in data and refuse to accept the status quo.


We value diversity in our team and believe it is critical to our success. We make people feel included and reach out to bring others in around a common goal. We welcome a variety of perspectives and assume the best when challenging or disagreeing with others. We express gratitude and support each other to be our best.

Meet Our Principal

Brendan Bedell


Brendan Bedell believes that every student deserves to go to an excellent school and there is no work more important than providing students in the city of Chicago access to every opportunity.  This is why he loves serving students and families at Rauner College Prep. Brendan was a teacher at Mount Carmel High School on Chicago’s south side for seven years before coming to Rauner in 2012.  Brendan served as the Dean of Discipline for one year and the Assistant Principal for five years before becoming the Principal in December of 2017. As a dedicated father of two young girls, Brendan knows the importance of the work Rauner does.   

Expectations of Students

At Rauner College Prep, our students amaze by consistently meeting or exceeding our high expectations. With lofty standards, Rauner pushes each and every scholar to maximize their potential academically and personally. Each of our students is expected to maintain the following guidelines both in the classroom and in their daily lives:

  • Arrive each day on time and ready to learn.
  • Act “SMART”
  • Sit up straight.
  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Articulate your thoughts.
  • Respond appropriately.
  • Track your teacher.
  • Comply with full Rauner dress code and maintain professionalism in any situation.
  • Complete all homework, around 3 hours each night, with the intention to learn and understand.
  • Assume personal responsibility for actions, motivation, learning, and achieving.
  • Refuse to be anything less than your personal best.