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School Calendar

This calendar shows important upcoming campus events. To view Noble’s full-year academic calendar, please see the link in the side menu.

Weather Closures: Noble schools will follow CPS guidance in the case of inclement weather closures. When CPS schools are closed, Noble schools will be closed as well. Please check the homepage of our website for notice of school closures.

Welcome Parents

Dear Parents/Guardians

Congratulations on choosing to be a part of the Masai Family. Thank you for trusting us with your child’s education.

We take great pride in educating your child and understand that it is a tremendous responsibility. We will do our best to ensure that each scholar has a safe and motivating learning experience at Rowe-Clark. Our promise is that our scholars will become successful leaders who use their college degrees and careers to make a positive multigenerational change. However, we cannot do this without your help. We are partners in the learning process.

We believe that parent involvement in their child’s education is necessary to maximum school success. Throughout the year, we will communicate through newsletters, progress reports, telephone calls, emails, report cards, and parent teacher conferences. I also encourage you to contact your child’s advisor if you have any questions or concerns at any time. You can also feel free to call me at the school, send me a written note, or contact me via email.

Together we will deliver on our promise to prepare all scholars with the scholarship, discipline, and honor necessary to succeed in college and lead exemplary lives.

One Masai!

Ms. Brenda Cora


Students and parents are encouraged to access our handbook for quick answers on a varienty of topics, including attendance, academics, policies & procedures, and discipline. Click one of the following links to access this handbook in either English or Spanish. You can view the document online or print it out for future reference. 



Campus Addendum