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Expectations of Students

At Speer Academy, we are dedicated to providing our students with a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that ensures success in college and beyond. ITW David Speer Academy will continue the Noble tradition of preparing students with the scholarship, discipline, and honor necessary to succeed in college.

ITW David Speer Academy students are expected to:

“Be on Time. Do your Job. Be Respectful”

  • Arrive to school and all classes on time with all required materials
  • Follow the Student Code of Conduct
  • Follow the student dress code
  • Work diligently and do homework nightly
  • Exhibit self-control and discipline in and out of school
  • Participate in before-school or after-school tutoring sessions if necessary
  • Participate in community service activities
  • Work on improving or maintaining health and physical fitness
  • Serve all detentions or suspensions that are earned
  • Accept responsibility for their behavior