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School Calendar

This calendar shows important upcoming campus events. To view Noble’s full-year academic calendar, please see the link in the left menu.

Weather Closures: Noble schools will follow CPS guidance in the case of inclement weather closures. When CPS schools are closed, Noble schools will be closed as well. Please check the homepage of our website for notice of school closures.

Expectations of Students

As a student at UIC College Prep, each student is expected to:

  • Arrive to school and all classes on time with all required materials
  • Work diligently and do homework nightly
  • Exhibit self-control and discipline in and out of school
  • Participate in before-school or after-school tutoring sessions if necessary
  • Participate in community service activities
  • Follow the student code of conduct
  • Follow the student dress code
  • Work on improving or maintaining health and physical fitness
  • Help maintain the school building by keeping it clean and participating in clean-up activities
  • Serve all detentions or suspensions that are earned
  • Treat UIC faculty, staff, and other students with respect
  • Accept responsibility for their behavior

Please reference the Parent/Student Handbook below for more specific guidelines.


Our handbook contains information on a variety of school related topics. It is available here for your reference and for definitive answers to questions that may arise during the application process and throughout the school year.