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Compensation & Benefits

At Noble, we believe it’s important that our highly-diverse staff is able to lead a happy, healthy life and have a sustainable career with us.   Though salary is a main driver of being able to do this, we think it’s important that the holistic ways we provide compensation and benefits are impressively supportive too.

Competitive Compensation

Noble offers teachers, social workers, and college team members a predictable salary schedule with opportunities for campus-based performance bonuses.

View our full salary schedule here.

Paid Family Leave

After working for Noble for six months, birthing parents receive 12-14 weeks of fully-paid leave and can use PTO or sick time to take up to 18-20 weeks of leave. Non-birthing and adoptive parents may also take 18 weeks of leave including six weeks which are fully-paid by Noble.

Gym Memberships

Noble partners with Chicagoland gyms to provide membership perks such as discounted rates, waived fees, and even free equipment. The partnerships include LA Fitness, XSport, Chicago Athletic Clubs, CorePower, TITLE Boxing, Orangetheory Fitness and many more.

Divvy Memberships

Divvy is a transit system that offers Chicagoans access to bike stations around the city. Noble covers a portion of an annual membership for you. Employees receive a discount code that brings the original $99 cost to $40 a year.

Commuter Benefits

Noble helps employees save on commuting costs by offering the option to purchase public transportation passes before taxes are applied: up to $265/month in train and/or bus passes and up to $265/month on work-related parking expenses.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The EAP program includes up to three face-to-face emotional or work-life counseling services per issue per year. Legal and financial counseling by phone during business hours are also available. The program is completely confidential and free to employees.

Medical, Dental, and Vision Coverage

Noble provides medical coverage through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, the largest and most experienced health care insurance company in Illinois. Employees have the opportunity to choose between a variety of plan options. For every plan, Noble covers a major portion of the cost of the premium.

View our benefits summary here.

Day Care

Noble Day Care provides discounted day care services for Noble employees. The Day Care is conveniently located near many of our campuses at 1333 W. Chicago Avenue. In addition to the discount, Noble employees also receive priority enrollment to the day care.


OneNoble is a social program for Noble employees that provides activities outside of work to promote health and team building. It includes fitness challenges, family parties, and fun social events.

Chicago Teachers Pension Fund

Salaried staff with an Illinois Educator License are required to participate in the Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund. Each pay period, 9% of staff members’ salaries automatically goes into the pension plan. Noble covers 7%; individual staff members contribute the remaining 2%.

401(k) Retirement Plan

Noble offers both traditional 401(k) and Roth 401(k) retirement plan options. If staff members do not qualify for the pension and contribute dollars to either 401(k) option, Noble provides a dollar-for-dollar match up to 5% of compensation, with a maximum contribution of $2,000 per semi-annual pay period. Eligibility for the match begins after a year of service and is awarded to non- pensionable staff.

Financial Wellness Support

Noble offers all employees free access to financial-wellness support through Holberg Financial ( Noble believes that reducing financial stress and increasing overall financial health allows Noble employees to better serve students.