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Distinguished Teacher

At Noble, our mission calls us to create classroom spaces that are transformational and empower our students to lead exemplary lives. Distinguished Teacher seeks to honor and reward teachers who have consistently achieved exceptional results for students within Noble. This program sets a new path in education for how we must continue to elevate the teaching profession. Furthermore, Distinguished Teachers will serve to inform teacher development and support across Noble – raising our collective impact on the students we serve.

For more information regarding the Distinguished Teacher application process, please read our guidebook.

Distinguished Teacher aims to identify, recognize, and reward a select group of Noble teachers who have achieved exceptional results for students at Noble for at least three years and during that time have exemplified the five key questions laid out in the Distinguished Teacher framework. See below for benefits associated with being a Distinguished Teacher as well as an overview of the selection criteria.

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Key Questions

1. Student Growth: Are your students achieving exceptional growth?
2. Classroom Culture: In what ways have you created a strong classroom in which students feel invested, empowered, and connected?
3. Instructional Rigor: In what ways does your classroom culture, planning, and instruction push students’ cognitive lift, quality responses, and intentional use of time?
4. Inclusion and Relevance: How is your classroom inclusive of and/or relevant to the studentsthat you serve?
5. Extended Impact: How have you directly impacted your school, the community it serves, and/or our network outside of your classroom?