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Abel Acosta

Assistant Dean of Culture

About – Abel Acosta

Hi, My name is Abel Acosta. I'm born and raised in the south side of Chicago, and actually happen to be a UICCP Alumn. I graduated in the class of '15, and then attended Concordia University - Chicago in River Forest, Illinois. I received my Bachelors in '19 with a Major in Criminal Justice and Minor in Sports Management. My favorite trip/travel location would have to be my yearly trips to Mexico. It tends to be my favorite because it's time i get to visit my father, who happened to be deported while I was attending UICCP as a student. I work at UICCP to help guide students towards a PMC, and be a support they can leverage during their high school careers. From my experience, UICCP was my home away from home, and I would like to aid in students also getting that same experience.