Summer of a Lifetime

During these uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Summer of a Lifetime remains dedicated to preparing Noble students for college. We are so proud of our 188 scholars who participated this summer in virtual pre-college programs at over 20 universities throughout the country! Over 90% of participants reported having positive experiences and feeling more prepared for remote learning in high school and college.

We invite you to watch this video and hear our scholars share about their experiences.

We look forward to supporting over 1,000 students to experience pre-college programs in 2021!

What is Summer of a Lifetime?

Noble Network’s Summer of a Lifetime creates awareness of, provides funding for and supports hundreds of high achieving, low-income students from Noble Network of Charter Schools to participate in summer academic enrichment programs at colleges and universities nationwide forever influencing the trajectory of their lives. 

Click the video above to watch our latest video.

What are the results and impact?

The Summer of a Lifetime experience is full of firsts for students that participate and as a result they return with a better understanding of who they are and have an increased confidence and focus to succeed in high school and prepare for college. The experience makes college a tangible reality rather than just an idea, for both the student and their family. After their Summer of a Lifetime experience, participants are thinking “when” I go to college, not “if.”

How does the program work?

Summer of a Lifetime reaches students after their sophomore year when they are at a crossroads in high school, providing them with life-changing college experiences. It takes the direction of a Summer of a Lifetime Coordinator at each Noble campus to execute the process with the student. We take the students through the college application process at the age of 15! 

Summer of a Lifetime has prepared students so that when they go (to college) in the fall of their freshman year it’s not a scary experience. It is something that is familiar and something they’ve been successful at before.

Nikki D., Summer of a Lifetime Coordinator