Counselor Corner

Welcome to Noble’s Counselor Corner! We are excited to have you visit our page. Please feel welcome to explore our page to see how Noble can support you and your students!

Getting to Know Noble

Noble makes a difference. We care about each and every one of our students.

Our goal is ensure all our students have a positive school experience with access and resources to new opportunities. We provide experiences that give students exposure to various pathways they can choose for their future. For example, Noble offers the “Summer of a Lifetime”  program. This amazing opportunity is where we send 10th Grade students to a college of their choice for the summer to engage in a program of their interest. This experience helps them learn new life skills, get a glimpse of college life, and pushes them to grow as individuals. This year, Noble will be sending their 10,000th scholar to Summer of a Lifetime! 

Noble is College Prep. We want all students to have the tools to be ready for college level courses. Each of our campuses offer an array of Advanced Placement, Honors, and IB courses for students. At Noble, we want to blur barriers and make college accessible to every one of our students by providing rigorous materials and expectations ahead of time. Our Seniors also receive college support through a course called College Seminar. This course walks students step by step through the application process (personal statement, financial aid, support in completing applications, grants, etc.)

Lastly, we wouldn’t be Noble without our amazing alumni. Many of our former students choose to come back to Noble. A large population of our Noble staff are alumni. We love to see how Noble made an impact on their lives. It speaks volumes that our alumni choose to come back and serve their communities.

Noble has 17 high school campuses located in various neighborhoods around the City of Chicago. Each of our campuses hold distinctive factors that make the student experience unique and valuable. At Noble, safety is our top priority. We want Noble campuses to be a safe space in their neighborhood where they can learn and flourish. 

Take a look at the chart and map below to see which Noble campuses are near your school!

We highly encourage families to reach out to our campuses if they have any questions. For the convenience of your students and families, we have added the contact information of our Enrollment Coordinators HERE. Feel welcome to pass the information along!

Important Information

(Note: The SY24-25 Application has closed.)

8th Grade students should apply to Noble Schools via the GoCPS platform by clicking HERE. We recommend ranking Noble 1-3 if your students are interested in one of our campuses to increase their chances of receiving an offer. 

Note: Noble is a network of open enrollment public charter schools. The admissions requirements to attend any Noble School is that your student graduate from 8th Grade AND live in the City of Chicago. We do not look at test scores to determine placement.

Please see the dates announced by CPS below. We encourage you to share these dates with you families if you can to ensure they don’t miss any deadlines.

SY24-25 GoCPS Applications Opens: September 13th at 10am (Note: Application has closed)

Families are able to apply to as many as 20 high schools, including Noble Schools using the GoCPS Portal. To increase your chances of receiving an offer to your top Noble School(s), be sure to rank these campuses #1, #2, and #3. 

SY24-25 GoCPS Application Closes: November 9th at 5pm (Note: Application has closed)

Current 8th Grade families have a total of 8 weeks to apply via the GoCPS Portal. 

SY24-25 Re-Rank Deadline: December 1st at 5pm (Note: Application and re-ranking has closed)

Families are always able to log back in to the GoCPS portal to change their rankings. Remember, ranking matters and a higher rank increases your chance of receiving an offer. 

SY24-25 Offer Release Date: February 23rd after 5pm

Families who applied during the fall will be notified if they received an offer.

SY24-25 GoCPS Accept/Decline Deadline: March 15th

Families must log into their GoCPS accounts to take action on their offer before the deadline. 

SY24-25 Rolling Waitlist Opens: April 1st

When the rolling waitlist is live, families who missed the GoCPS application deadline or are not satisfied with their current offer will be able to add themselves onto the waitlist for Noble campuses.

Let’s Build a Partnership

Noble strongly believes that is takes a village to develop strong leaders of the future. For this reason, we hope you can trust us to provide your students with the resources, tools, and love to lead choice-filled lives.

Are your students doing research on high schools? Click HERE to find one pagers for all our campuses! If your students have additional questions, please feel more than welcome to send an email to our campuses. Click HERE for campus contact info. 

Our campuses are available to attend fairs! Don’t be shy, you can invite as many campuses as you would like. This is a great opportunity for your students to ask questions to see if Noble is the right fit for them! To request our campuses at your upcoming fair, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

If your students are more comfortable with an intimate Q&A session, feel welcome to invite our campuses to come speak with your classroom. To request a classroom visit, please fill out the form located at the bottom of this page.

If you need extra hands at your event (report card pick up, orientation, school play, etc.), please do not hesitate to reach out! We would love to help out in any way that we can. To request our assist, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

We love cheering students on for their accomplishments! If you want Noble present at your 8th Grade Graduation, we would be honored to attend. To invite us, simply send us an email at

If you need swag for your upcoming HS Signing Day, please feel welcome to email us at