Fiscal Scorecard
Each year, CPS rates all charter schools on several key metrics of financial health. Our school’s most recent available scorecard is linked here:

FY23 Revenues

The pie chart below breaks down the various sources of our revenue. In FY23, Noble Schools was approximately 85% publicly funded via city, state and federal funding, mostly based on per pupil formulas. About 9% of our funds were privately raised. We received minimal amounts from student fees and other sources.


FY23 Expenses
The pie chart below breaks down how we spent our funding in FY23. Program personnel costs were 58% of total expenses. Program non-personnel costs at 29% include direct student costs, office administration costs and occupancy costs for all schools. Administrative and Fundraising at 13% include Finance, Human Resources, and other central office costs.

Ensuring Positive and Equitable School Experiences for Noble Students Across Chicago

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