Gary Comer Middle School

Welcome to Comer Middle!

At Gary Comer Middle School, our vision is to create well-rounded and successful college graduates with exceptional strength of character.

Though we are “only” a middle school, we are 100% certain that each and every one of our scholars is on the road to and through the college of his/her choice. Our school is a community of teachers, families, and above all scholars, who are deeply committed to our vision and understand that it can only be realized through hard work.

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To submit a paper application for Gary Comer Middle School, click the button below for the downloadable PDF. The application can be faxed to 773-439-2169 or scanned to khampton@garycomermiddleschool.org. You can also mail the application to 1010 E 72nd St, Chicago, IL 60619.

To complete an application online, click the button below for the online form.

GCMS Application (downloadable PDF)GCMS Application (online form)

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How can we assist you?

Enrollment- Kimesha Hampton, khampton@garycomermiddleschool.org or call 312-805-4679

GoCPS and GCMS PAC- Amy Agosta, aagosta@garycomermiddleschool.org or call 312-231-9882

Special Education services- Chelsea Gross, cgross@garycomermiddleschool.org or call 219-765-7030

Academic supports, Math and Science- Jack Pruitt, jpruitt@garycomermiddleschool.org

Academic supports, ELA and Humanities- Janelle Jenkins, jjenkins@garycomermiddleschool.org

Social Work supports- Omolara Mino, omino@garycomermiddleschool.org or call 773-217-8741

Technical support and Student accounts- Brad Johnson, bjohnson@garycomermiddleschool.org or call 312-805-3687

IT Support for Noble Chromebooks and hot spots- Call 833-NobleIT (833-662-5348)



To slow the spread of Covid-19 and keep our scholars and families safe, all schools are closed for the remainder of the school year. Please visit our Coronavirus Resources Page to access resources provided by the Noble Network of Charter Schools and other providers.

Informational Links

Our school year 2020-2021 calendar is now complete. View it here- GCMS SY21 Calendar

For information about our Remote Learning Plan and a directory of our instructors and advisors, click here-  GCMS Remote Learning Plan

To view the Remote Office Hours schedule for each class, click here- Remote Office Hours

Families can pick up meals at GCMS any weekday from 8am-11am. For information about food service at GCMS, click here- Take-Home Meal Plan

To read the May 7th GCMS Newsletter, click here- GCMS Newsletter for May 21

For instructions to pay your student fees online, click here- Noble Bill Pay Instructions

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