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Addy Montero

Social Worker (RTSS)

About – Addy Montero

My name is Adelaida (pronounced Ahh-dehh-lie-duh), but I also go by Addy. I am from Chicago. I grew up in the southwest side. I attended Muchin College Prep and graduated in 2017. I then went to Denison University in Ohio and graduated in 2021. I am the second oldest but oldest girl sibling of seven. My parents are divorced, so I don't live with all of my siblings. Being one of the oldest, I've always been a caretaker and motherly-like figure to my siblings. I think this plays into my interest of education and working in schools because I've always been drawn to helping those who are younger than me and I'm extremely patient. My favorite trip ever was on a Disney cruise to the Bahamas when I turned 15 in place of a quinceañera. I love Vietnamese and Thai food! I also have a bubble tea addiction (particularly from Joy Yee Plus in Chinatown). My favorite high school memories were during cross country practices. We'd run around downtown, along the lakefront and Navy Pier. I have so many great memories during practice and races!

I will begin this upcoming school year at UICCP as a RTSS for the Social Work team. Last school year, I was at Rauner College Prep as an RTSS as well. This year, I am beginning graduate school for my MAT in Special Education with the Relay School of Education. I am excited to get to know and connect with staff members and students. With graduate school, work, my art business, and home responsibilities, I know there will be times that I'll be stressed or overwhelmed, so I am making it a goal of mine to give myself grace and put my wellbeing first.