Alexia Gist

Butler College Prep

About – Alexia Gist

Alexia Gist is a Chicago Native. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Chicago State University in 2006, and her Master of Arts in Educational Leadership in 2012. She has had 10 years of teaching experience ranging from the 4th to 10th grades, in urban, suburban, and rural school districts; along with 5 years of leadership experience. Alexia began her work for Noble Schools, serving the students at Butler College Prep for four years, holding the positions of founding Math Concepts teacher, founding Geometry Teacher, and founding Dean of Instruction. She then left to take on a School Leader position in the south, and made the decision to return back to Chicago, more specifically, back to Noble. She currently serves as Assistant Principal of Instruction at Butler College Prep. It is her goal to combine her range of experience with leading and operating a school, with her ability to be a compassionate, enthusiastic, transformational leader who will make a positive contribution to Diverse Leaders and Noble Schools.

Ensuring Positive and Equitable School Experiences for Noble Students Across Chicago

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