Apiphany Asberry

UIC College Prep

Apiphany Asberry, originally hailing from Gary, IN, but primarily raised in Minneapolis, MN, is a dynamic individual with a rich array of experiences. After earning her Bachelor of Science degree, she embarked on her teaching journey, and a decade later, she continues to thrive in the field, never looking back. Her tenure as an educator has been marked by dedication and passion, reflected in her commitment to teaching various science subjects.Following her years of successful teaching, Apiphany pursued her Master’s degree in Sports Administration/Management at SNHU, showcasing her ongoing pursuit of knowledge and professional growth.  Beyond her academic and professional pursuits, Apiphany’s interests extend to the world of sports and sneakers. Apiphany quickly became the former basketball player turned sneaker-head. In addition to her passion for sports and education, Apiphany is also a proud member of The Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated. Apiphany has recently discovered a love for running. In November, she will be challenging herself by participating in her first marathon, a testament to her determination and resilience. Excited to embark on a new chapter, Apiphany is eagerly anticipating being apart of Cohort 7 in the Diverse Leadership Fellowship. She is looking forward to the personal growth,learning opportunities, and the overall fellowship it will bring.

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