Charles (Chuck) Teverbaugh

Hansberry College Prep

Charles, a seasoned professional with diverse experiences, embarked on a journey of self-discovery and purpose alignment. Transitioning from a career as a Correctional Officer in the Indiana Penal System, he recognized his true passion lay in education, an arena where he had initially honed his skills as a Behavioral Specialist in Chicago’s esteemed alternative schools. Driven by a deep-seated conviction to follow his calling, Charles joined the Hansberry College Prep Culture Team as a Culture Specialist, swiftly earning respect and trust within the community. Recognized for his dedication and commitment, he was appointed Assistant Dean of Culture in 2022, further solidifying his role in shaping the educational landscape. Beyond his professional endeavors, Charles is a devoted family man, cherishing his role as a husband and father to eight children. His unwavering belief in the power of education is exemplified by the academic pursuits of his children, with four currently enrolled in universities across Illinois, two having already earned their undergraduate degrees, and the youngest preparing for their collegiate journey. Since 2017, Charles has been an integral part of Noble Schools, contributing his expertise and passion to the educational mission. A proud alumnus of Olive Harvey College, his journey reflects a commitment to lifelong learning and a steadfast dedication to empowering the next generation.

Ensuring Positive and Equitable School Experiences for Noble Students Across Chicago

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