Claudia Rodriguez

Chief of Public Affairs

About – Claudia Rodriguez

Claudia Rodriguez serves as Chief of Public Affairs for the Noble Network of Charter Schools where she oversees the communications and government and community affairs strategy for the network. She previously served as Executive Director of the Illinois Beverage Association. Prior to that she worked as a legislative aide to the chairman of the Committee on Health and Environmental Protection for the City of Chicago where she conducted research and assisted committee members, and the Office of the Mayor with policy introduction.

Claudia is a lifelong Chicagoan from Little Village. She serves as Commissioner to the City’s Special Service Area #25, is a current board member of the Mexican Civic Society of Illinois and in 2016 was named one of Negocios Now Latinos 40 under 40. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Journalism from DePaul University and a Master’s in Public Policy and Administration from Northwestern University.

Why do you work at Noble?

I work at Noble because I firmly believe that education is the key for positive multi-generational change. Noble is making a difference for Brown and Black families in the City of Chicago to change the course of their lives and that of their families.

Who was your favorite teacher while growing up?

This is tough because I was fortunate to have two amazing teachers that shaped who I am today. I have fond memories of Mr. Otto Dolansky that instilled in me a love for learning and adventure and Mrs. Arlene Dudek who taught me that with hard work, discipline and dedication I could achieve anything that I set my mind to.

Favorite thing about Noble or favorite Noble moment?

I don’t know if I can say this but my favorite Noble moment(s) are when parents feel strong enough to have a policy discussion with their elected official. I love when I see parents taking their power and advocating for the resources and supports they want for their student.

What do you/your department do at Noble?

In short, we are responsible for overseeing the communications, government and community affairs strategy for Noble Schools.

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Chicago, IL/Little Village


DePaul University (Bachelors in Political Science and Journalism)
Northwestern University (Masters in Public Policy and Administration)