Dr. Alyssa Hamler

Chicago Bulls College Prep

About – Dr. Alyssa Hamler

Dr. Alyssa Hamler has thirteen years of experience as an educator, researcher, and social justice advocate. She is the Dean of Students at Chicago Bulls College Prep where she supports over 1100 students with promotion, retention, and culture. She has worked in the field of education in multiple capacities including college counseling, teaching in K-12 and higher education, educational policy, and research. Dr. Hamler’s research interests include education and social justice, culturally relevant and emancipatory pedagogies, and providing equitable educational experiences for children of color. Although varied, these experiences have brought Dr. Hamler great joy and she considers serving and mentoring Black and Brown students at all levels of education as her life’s work.  Dr. Hamler holds a Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Leadership from The Ohio State University. Prior to this, she graduated from Spelman College, the premier Historically Black College in Atlanta, Georgia, with a B.A. in History in 2008. She also holds an M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education from Georgia State University (2011). Dr. Hamler was born and raised in White Plains, NY. She married her SpelHouse (Spelman and Morehouse) college sweetheart Justin in 2018 and is the proud mother of 13-month old Micah. Dr. Hamler loves traveling to new countries, reading, and all things Beyoncé and Michelle Obama.

Ensuring Positive and Equitable School Experiences for Noble Students Across Chicago

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