Janine Franklin

Senior Director of Student
Culture & Supports

About – Dr. Janine Franklin

Dr. Janine Franklin, affectionately called Dr. J, is a scholar, education leader, mentor, and passionate youth development specialist committed to equity in education for underrepresented, low-income and/or first-generation students in the city of Chicago. Currently, Janine is the Senior Director of Student Culture & Supports for Noble Schools and has served in various professional and civic capacities within education for almost a decade. Prior to joining Noble, she served at the University of Chicago as a Director on the diversity and inclusion team in the Office of the Provost overseeing DEI initiatives for the campus in addition to managing campus pipeline programs (high school to post-doctoral programs). Dr. Franklin is a proud Badger and alumna of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She also holds a Masters of Social Work from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a Doctor of Philosophy from the department of Education Policy at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has the distinct honor of being named a 2018 Surge Institute Fellow and a 2018 Chicago Scholars Foundation 35 under 35 honoree.

Ensuring Positive and Equitable School Experiences for Noble Students Across Chicago

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