Ellen Metz

Head of Schools

About – Ellen Metz

For over two decades Ellen Metz has served as an educator-leader in Chicago schools. She taught for five years in Chicago Public Schools prior to joining the Noble Network of Charter Schools in 2005. In her 13 years at Noble’s original campus, Ellen served in a variety of roles, including teacher, assistant principal and principal. In 2017 Ellen was named a finalist for the Illinois Network of Charter Schools’ Principal of the Year award. As Head of Schools, Ellen is tasked with ensuring Noble’s 18 campuses are operating in service to Noble’s vision: Noble will ensure that all students have equitable and positive school experiences that equip them to succeed on the path of their choice, leading to 75% of alumni completing college.

Ellen earned a B.A. in history and secondary education from the University of Iowa and an M.A. in educational leadership from Northeastern Illinois University. As a dedicated mother and wife, Ellen understands that all families want their students to feel loved, supported, and encouraged at school. Every day she feels lucky to be able to live and work in the great city of Chicago, serving Noble students, staff, and families.

Why do you work at Noble?

At Noble, we have the chance to partner with families in their student’s educational experience. We truly have the ability to disrupt racism and build antiracist schools. To work in a school system that is so mission- and vision-aligned is a gift.

Who was your favorite teacher while growing up?

Ms. Lorent, a high school English teacher. She loved teaching and held us to high expectations while showering us with love and encouragement.

Favorite thing about Noble or favorite Noble moment?

Graduation ceremonies—all of them. They are the manifestation of each family’s partnership with Noble. Noble staff and families sandwich the students in the auditorium, which is so symbolic of the love in the room. Noble students, families, and staff pour their heart and soul into those four years. There is nothing like it. I cry every time.

What do you/your department do at Noble?

The Education Team at Noble is tasked with driving excellent outcomes within Noble’s six commitments at all 18 campuses. A primary lever for this work is through close collaboration with Noble’s principals.

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Orland Park, IL


University of Iowa (B.A. in History and Secondary Education)
Northeastern Illinois University (M.A. in Educational Leadership)

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