Eric Salvador

Rauner College Prep

About – Eric Salvador

Eric Salvador is a first generation Filipino American born and raised in the city of Chicago.  His experience of growing up in the city and suburbs has sculpted his personality and perspective.  This experience has given him the talent to move, meet, and build relationships comfortably in any room.   Eric was raised by his loving parents Eduardo and Marisa. He was athletically inclined at a young age by his father, an ex-professional basketball player in the Philippines.   His characteristics of compassion and love came from his mother who graduated top of her class from Manila Doctors in nursing.   Eric’s parents valued his education and faith. He studied both private, public, and had a supportive system.  In college he received his bachelors from Northeastern Illinois University in physical education.  After graduation, he transitioned to the city of Los Angeles working for Alhambra Unified as a physical educator. His passion to guide others grew and he continued towards his masters.  While working, he received his MA in Psychology with an emphasis in Life Coaching.   His path has brought him back to Chicago with the Noble Schools. At Noble, he intends to lead, guide with a lending hand, and influence the youth to better his community.

Ensuring Positive and Equitable School Experiences for Noble Students Across Chicago

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