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Freddy Corral

Physical Education Teacher

About – Freddy Corral

His name is Frederick Corral, he goes by Freddy with friends and colleagues. With Students, he goes by; Mr. Corral, or Coach Corral. He chooses to become a PE teacher because of stumbling into the work of tutoring and coaching. For the last 10 years, he has worked at UIC College Prep a Noble School. It continues to be an amazing experience through hard work, longer school years, and ups and downs. Most importantly, he has had the pleasure of experiencing so many positive relationships and friendships. Born and raised in Chicago, and now a suburbanite, and love it. Favorite Trip - Traveling to Brussels - such a friendly country. Video game - Call of Duty War zone - The pandemic got him back to playing video games. High school memory - being the best on his basketball team during games. He is excited about the new year with adjusted rules and guidance from the network. Since stepping down from athletics, his goal is to experience teaching only at UIC for the first time and teach his butt off!!