Friendella Scott

ITW David Speer Academy

Friendella Scott is currently the Dean of Instruction (Humanities) at David Speer Academy where she has been since the summer of 2020. She moved here from Memphis at the height of the pandemic and is happy to be putting down roots, and making an educational impact, in Chicago even though she is just now beginning to understand what “Sumertime Chi” truly means. As the eldest daughter of a single mother, she has the unique experience of understanding that education is liberation and seeks it for all that she comes in contact with; whether they want it or not. She finds herself living by the quote “Freedom is choosing your responsibility. It’s not have no responsibilities. It’s choosing the ones you want,” so she chooses to be in spaces, and places, that are in service to children who look like her in order to be truly free, and free others. 

Ensuring Positive and Equitable School Experiences for Noble Students Across Chicago

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