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Gabby Martin

Alumni Counselor

About – Gabby Martin

"I grew up in a rural community in the middle of Nebraska, graduating high school with 55 people in my class. My favorite memories from high school mostly involve sports, especially volleyball. I attended the University of Nebraska Lincoln and knew that I should be of service to others in my future. A long windy path eventually led me to education!

One of my favorite trips was a road trip with my grandparents. I drove with them to visit my cousins, which is nearly a 9 hour car ride. On the way home, we broke up our drive and made stops at places like Mount Rushmore and Reptile Gardens in South Dakota. I will always remember the quality time I got to spend with them and cherish those memories.

I am most excited to begin working with our Alumni, especially to reconnect with the Class of 2021. They were the first class I taught at UICCP and to reunite with them to support after all they have gone through with COVID and transitioning out of high is going to be my favorite part of the year!"