Gary Butler

Pritzker College Prep

About – Gary Butler

Gary Butler is a self-identified man of faith and fortune. Through grace and perseverance his trajectory is guided and propelled. The lessons learned through his missteps and the passion in his purpose provide a perspective beyond that of a shallow adjudicator. His story in part is that of a delinquent, an insecure retreater of a beautiful reality of promise.   How we are defined must factor in the foundation and an ending that has not yet been written. Our distinguished identity markers are pieces to an evolving puzzle that must not be unjustifiably condemned. With that being said, Gary continues to develop habits that empower while working to diffuse those that deter. The fluid nature of life is influenced by the habits we build or break away from. Gary celebrates his journey and consciously advocates for the varying supports we all need to break the bonds that hinder the realization of our promise and promote the discovery of our limitless potential.

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