Jen Vazquez

Chicago Bulls College Prep

About – Jen Vazquez

Jen Vazquez is entering her 10th year at Noble. She is a part of the founding 12th grade team at Chicago Bulls College Prep. Prior to working for Noble, she taught college courses as an adjunct professor at 5 different IL colleges and universities. Her passion for teaching English comes from a lifetime of having her own nose in a book. Her favorite parts of class are when students lose track of the time because they have gotten so involved in the discussion. Outside of the classroom, she works as a Summer of a Lifetime coordinator on her campus and enjoys helping sophomores find their passions. She also works with the National Honor Society to help plan and coordinate fun and inclusive community service events. Jen is excited to learn more about intersectionality and how to co-create policies and procedures that honor all parts of a student’s identity. She firmly believes you cannot be what you cannot see. She wants to break barriers and become a leader of color to show her students that they are valuable, that they too can be managers and leaders, and that diverse perspectives create positive change.

Ensuring Positive and Equitable School Experiences for Noble Students Across Chicago

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