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Jimena Olivares

12th Grade Spanish Teacher

About – Jimena Olivares

She is a Chicago Native. She has lived in West Town and Ukrainian Village most of her life; currently, she is a Berwyn resident. As a Noble alumna, she is proud to be a brown educator serving her community. As the mother of two boys most of her time is spend with family and creating lifelong memories with her family. Her favorite memory from high school would have to be our last senior town hall. Her classmates and She got to imitate our teachers and vice versa. Her advisor did the best impression of her and it made her realize that high school was about to be over! UICCP is her second home. Her students have become her children and her coworkers have become her siblings. As a Foreign Language Instructor, her goal is for her students to be able to use their newly learned language in the real world.