Jonas G. Cleaves

Principal, Johnson College Prep

About – Jonas G. Cleaves

Jonas G. Cleaves is in his third year of service as Principal of Johnson College Prep. A native Chicagoan and Iraq War Veteran, his desire to make an impact in the education world was sparked while managing a prisoner re-entry program. Mr. Cleaves noticed that several of his clients dropped out of school between 7th and 10th grade and wondered where the positive influence of adults dimmed in their lives. This new passion and subsequent urgency led him to join a founding team of administrators at Muchin College Prep where he served as Dean of Culture and Assistant Principal. After seven years at Muchin, Mr. Cleaves was selected to be a resident in The New Teacher Project’s (TNTP) school leadership program in Philadelphia, PA. This opportunity allowed him to study school models around the country to further strengthen his leadership acumen. Upon completing the TNTP school leadership program, Mr. Cleaves was selected as the Founding Principal of Bluff City High School in Memphis, TN. During his tenure, Bluff City HS was awarded the highest academic school rating (TVAAS Level 5) from the Tennessee Department of Education.

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