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His name is Jorge De Leon, and He was born in Guatemala and raised in Chicago. He is a Muchin alum, class of 2016, and a College of Wooster alum, class of 2020. Although He graduated with a degree in Economics, he is working in the Information Technology field because of an internship opportunity that He had right out of college. Since then, he’s continued to expand his knowledge within Tech and now He is in charge of 3 major systems that supports all 18 campuses +NST and working as a Tech Lead at UICCP. He is excited to get to know and work alongside staff and students at UICCP. He hopes to be very much involved with the UICCP community. This year He hopes to obtain his A+ and Azure 900 certifications. He LOVE pizza with ketchup. Lastly, but just as important He want to teach students how to be better prepared for the growing tech dependent world that we are living in.