Joy Pryor

Butler College Prep

About – Joy Pryor

Joy Pryor has worked in education for over 10 years, ranging from the corporate sector to elementary, middle, and highschool levels. Joy is passionate about education and it shows through her diligence and dedication to the students and families she serves. As a first generation student herself, she understands the importance of education especially for Black and Brown students.   At Butler College Prep, Joy was a member of the DEI committee, and is Co-lead on the SEL (social emotional learning) committee. Joy received her Masters Degree in Higher Education administration and is currently seeking a second Masters Degree in Special Education as she has always been an advocate for students with exceptionalities. Because of her vast experience Joy brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise regarding matriculation and retention in the various stages of educational development for students. Joy continuously strives for excellence and growth and actively seeks professional development opportunities both within and outside of the classroom. Joy has completed sucide prevention training, attended conferences about bullying prevention, and is currently enrolled at Depaul University, receiving a micro credential in SEL for training and implementation.   In her free time, Joy enjoys spending time with her family and three daughters.

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