Juan Pablo (JP) Esquivel

Mansueto High School

Meet the dedicated STEM educator and learning behavior specialist renowned for their solution-driven approach and commitment to collaborative change. A fervent advocate for equity in education, this educator works tirelessly to close the opportunity gap for students. As an alum of Esquivel, they not only guided an advisory of 13 young men but also enriched their minds by teaching Spanish. Recognized by the Illinois Board of Education with the “Those Who Excel” and “Teacher of the Year Special Recognition” awards, their dedication to enhancing student success aligns every action with individual learning objectives.

This educator excels at nurturing quantitative skills in students, believing firmly in unlocking each student’s potential through engaging and inclusive environments. Their innovative lesson plans feature real-world examples and hands-on activities, making science both accessible and applicable. Constantly striving for improvement, they explore new strategies like personalized learning plans and integrating technology to enhance educational outcomes. Their notable contributions include developing cross-disciplinary curricula that link physics with math and engineering, thus deepening students’ understanding of their real-world relevance.

With a profound grasp of mathematical concepts and an ability to simplify complex ideas, they design effective curricula and manage classrooms adeptly, ensuring their teachings resonate with students. Currently, they serve on the Noble Alumni Board, Phi Iota Alpha’s National Board of Trustees, and participate in the Illinois Advance Teacher Advisory Council, among other roles. Their participation in the First Cohort of the Liberated Educators Collaborative and the Latino Forum’s Multicultural Leadership Academy 2024 highlights their ongoing commitment to professional growth and community building within education.

Ensuring Positive and Equitable School Experiences for Noble Students Across Chicago

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