Kelly Kelly

Principal, Gary Comer College Prep

About – Kelly Kelly

Mrs. Kelly has been in education for 12 years. She started as a high school special education teacher on the south side of Chicago. As a teacher, she was tapped for teacher leadership which led to an opportunity to be an Instructional Support Leader supporting 26 high schools in the city. Since then she has been a Director of Instructional Support, elementary principal and is currently serving as the principal of Gary Comer College Prep.

Influenced by her grandmother, a former CPS special education teacher, and a high school teacher who took a unique interest in her, Mrs. Kelly chose education. The desire to work with students and ensure that all students have access to a quality education is what led her to be a teacher and then ultimately a principal. She believes that results are achieved when there are high expectations, collective responsibility, and distributive leadership working together to find the best solutions for students. Engaging teachers and school leaders to educate and motivate students has strengthened her passion for problem solving and developing systems and processes that advance student achievement. In her tenure as principal, she has expanded before and after school programming to meet the needs of the community, increased partnerships, improved attendance, but most importantly has seen an increase in student growth and achievement that resulted in the school moving from Level 2 to Level 1+.

Ensuring Positive and Equitable School Experiences for Noble Students Across Chicago

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