Kimberly (Kim) Rocha

Noble Street College Prep

Kim Rocha is a Learning Specialist at Noble Street College Prep—the Original Campus. She has been at the OC for over twelve years and is also an alumna. She is a champion for diverse learners’ rights, working alongside like-minded individuals who value diversity and equity. Kim is the founding teacher for the Life Skills course at the OC and has been working in collaboration with several Special Educators across the Noble Network who are committed to building Life Skills curriculum for all the campuses. Kim is also an adjunct instructor for the department of Special Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Teaching courses in assessments in Special Education and preparing future Special Educators to be results driven teachers. Born and raised in Chicago, Kim is proud to live in the community she teaches with her son attending their neighborhood Chicago Public School. Being of Mexican-Guatemalan descent Kim prides herself on family and culture being her most valued pillars. She is looking forward to spending her upcoming summer in Antigua, Guatemala in celebration of her son’s graduation from school. 

Ensuring Positive and Equitable School Experiences for Noble Students Across Chicago

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