Kyle Cole

Chief Education Officer

About – Kyle Cole

For two decades, Kyle Cole has served as a researcher, teacher, and administrator in the field of Education. Since arriving at the Noble Network of Charter Schools in 2008, Kyle and his teams have been responsible for the development and ongoing improvement of Noble’s data department (now housed under our Chief Data Officer), department of Health, Fitness & Athletics, department of Culture & Student Supports, the department of Student Services, and the department of Academics. Prior to Noble, Kyle served as a 9th grade history teacher and school administrator in the District of Columbia and a 6th grade English, History, and Science teacher in a boarding school setting in New Hampshire. Kyle engaged in his undergraduate studies at the University of Chicago, where he pursued and wrote his thesis on teacher collaboration in Chicago small schools and received his Masters in Education at Harvard University, where he specialized in Administration, Planning and Social Policy and, again, focused his studies on instructional improvement through teacher and district-wide collaboration.

Why do you work at Noble?

I believe in and aim to live a life dedicated to equity in education.

Who was your favorite teacher while growing up?

My favorite teacher was my high school social science teacher, Mr. Taucher. He had a real intensity to his teaching—passionate about the content, high expectations for engagement from every student, and overall hilarious. To this day, I’m grateful to still be able to experience his intensity over coffee whenever I go home for a visit.

Favorite thing about Noble or favorite Noble moment?

One of my favorite events every year at Noble is the College Recruitment Fair. I love to see all of our 11th grade students together in one space–it’s a rare occurrence and, when it happens, you truly get to see how large the Noble family is and the vast impact we have throughout Chicago. In addition, I just love seeing Noble students excited and advocating for themselves and their future.

What do you/your department do at Noble?

The Chief Education Officer oversees and supports the development of policy, practice, and resources for Noble’s programming. I am responsible for creating a supportive environment where students engage and develop academically and socially at accelerated rates. In this work, I oversee the following teams:

Student Services
Focuses on supporting campus programming around Special Education & English Language Learners.

Culture & Student Supports
Focuses on supporting campus programming around areas like MTSS, restorative practices, & student retention.

Focuses on network-wide and campus support related to assessment, curriculum, instruction, and professional development, all aligned to The Noble Classroom.

Health, Fitness & Athletics
Focuses on supporting our physical education teachers with their day-to-day programming, as well as supporting The Noble League, Noble’s vehicle for 1,500+ academic and athletic competition-based events.

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Port Washington/Saukville, Wisconsin


University of Chicago (B.A. in Political Science)
Harvard University (M.Ed. in Administration, Planning, & Social Policy)